On this page, you will find a series of questions frequently asked on our website, along with their answers.

I have lost my card/my AVIA customer card was stolen/my card is broken.

If your AVIA card is lost or stolen, you may cancel it by contacting:
+33 (0) 5 55 89 38 53 (price of a local call) (western France)
+33 (0) 3 80 48 44 27 (price of a local call) (eastern France)

In certain circumstances, you may subscribe to the Aviacarte service, which allows you to cancel your card or submit a claim in real time on the web.

You may also fill in a “contact form”‘ by clicking here.

Also, AVIA will transfer your points to a new card and will send it to you directly at your home.

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Most types of diesel sold in France contain additives. The composition and dosage of these additives are specific to each distributor. Therefore, their effectiveness may vary from one distribution chain to another.

What is an additive? Which ones can be added to diesel ?

An additive is a chemical compound incorporated into a standard quality fuel to improve its properties and performance. There are many additives for diesel fuels, and each one plays a specific role:

– detergents to clean the engine’s fuelling system,

– anticorrosives to protect the engine’s parts from potential risks of rust and corrosion,

– antioxidants that prevent oxidation of diesel by inhibiting chemical reactions, thereby limiting the formation of deposits,

– demulsifiers to eliminate the  risk of accidental penetration of water into the fuel,

– friction modifiers that reduce mechanical losses through friction in the engine and reduce fuel consumption,

– deodorants that neutralize the bad odours of diesel and add a pleasant, long-lasting scent,

– anti-foaming agents that allow you to rapidly and completely fill up with no spills,

– cetane number improvers to improve diesel auto-ignition.

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